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The Dolls That Started It All!

For over 16 years, Daddy Dolls Inc. has been making HUG-A-HERO® dolls to keep kids connected to loved ones.

happy hugs :)

Because Hugs Make People Happy!

Turn your favorite Person, Pet, Photo or Artwork into huggable happiness!

Heavenly Heroes®

Our Heavenly Hero® dolls include beautifully illustrated Saint and Bible characters that are fun teaching tools and bring story time alive.


Our strong and amazing customers are the reason why we'll ALWAYS provide the best quality and customer service! See what they had to say...

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
My husband will be deploying for the first time. I wanted to get a couple special things for our daughter. What an amazing company!!! The customer service was amazing. My shipment arrived so quickly!!! I highly recommend for anyone who wants a special doll for their kiddos.
Customer reviews
This company is so amazing! My son absolutely loves his daddy doll. It helps him so much through the deployment!!! I am so grateful for Daddy Dolls. Thank you all for what you do!
Customer reviews
We are PCSING overseas and unfortunately our dog cannot make the trip right now and is staying with family until he can go.. Originally had ordered one dog doll months ago but when we took our dog to family.. my oldest wanted one too! My youngest seems to think they are her dolls though! Loved the daddy dolls and love the dog ones just as much til we are reunited with our boy!
Customer reviews
We ordered 4 daddy dolls for our sons and the boys took to them immediately. They arrived in a timely fashion. Each was wrapped individually in festive tissue paper which made it more fun for our sons to open. They are well made- solid stitching, resilient cloth and each with ample amount of fluff (firm but still huggable). The image of my husband is bright and centered. Our Daddy Dolls are going to play an important role in keeping him close to our hearts this deployment. Would 100% recommend. Worth every penny.
Customer reviews
The doll came so quick!! Very pleased with how it turned out. We both needed this❤️ thank you so much!!!

We can't get to work until we have a picture we can work with, so "Estimated Delivery Times" means from the time we receive a usable image, not from the time you place your order, which may or may not be the same time.  You will be notified if we are unable to use the image you submitted. Please allow 2-3 weeks before your order ships.