Heavenly Heroes

Heavenly Heroes is a line of Saint and Bible character dolls that are a fun way to offer catechetical support.
Each doll measures 13-15" (except Goliath who is an impressive 18"), comes with our exclusive Keepsake Pocket® and is 100% machine washable.  The Keepsake Pocket® is a great place for kids to keep their rosary, fun treasures or an optional voice recorder for you to record prayers that they can play back and join in.  
Our Heavenly Hero® dolls are great as fun teaching tools that the child can hold while listening, or use to act out stories with, bringing story time alive.
As a gift, the options are endless. These dolls are great for Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion, Feast Days, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or any special occasion.
Keep adding to your child’s collection. That is part of the fun!  No matter what your age, these dolls are adorable to collect, and they are ALL made with love here in the U.S.A. :)
  • Care Instructions
    Our dolls are 100% Machine Washable!  Just toss it in the wash on a gentle cycle or with lighter weight items. Should allow to air dry!  Please be sure to remove the voice recorder first if you have added one :)