2-Sided Photo Doll


Customize your Hug-A-Hero® doll with an image of any loved one... parent, family member or friend! Simply upload your images and enter the optional free text to print below them.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your order from the time we receive your usable images.  Please note, images should be the same general shape if they are mirrored or stacked, otherwise they will not line up when sewn together. We will contact you for new images if they are not usable.   

Choose from three sizes:

Small (12 inches)

Large (17 inches)

XXL (3 feet)

 Daddy Doll®, Mommy Doll™, Hug-A-Hero® doll... No matter who's picture is on it, or what kids end up calling them, when you look for the Keepsake Pocket® you'll KNOW it's quality made by Daddy Dolls® Inc. from the best materials and with Lots of Love!

 Recommended by Child Psychologists, our dolls keep kids connected to loved ones and help them cope with their emotions during separation. Each doll is custom printed and hand sewn by us, right here in the USA! (Cheboygan, MI to be exact!) And, because we use only the Best materials, your doll will be Soft, Durable and Machine Washable for years to come!


Care Instructions
Our dolls are 100% Machine Washable!  Just toss it in the wash on a gentle cycle or with lighter weight items. Should allow to air dry!  Please be sure to remove the voice recorder first if you have added one :)

Photo Taking Tips
Lighting, Lighting, Lighting....Whether you are using a cell phone or a digital camera, Natural lighting is KEY! (Think mid-morning/late-afternoon daylight, not in direct blazing sun or shadows)  Please NO Fluorescent Lighting, your image will be grainy and yellow :(
Don't Worry About an Unsightly Background, We'll Get Rid of It!   
Check Points:

  • Feet in the frame?
  • Arms relaxed by your side?
  • High Resolution? (3 mega pixels or higher should do it)
  • Wearing what you want printed on the doll? 

Image Policy: To ensure that the images we produce align with our company's Family Friendly core values, clothing may not be reduced beyond beach appropriate, and images can not contain objectionable depictions either on clothes or on person such as images containing hate or malicious content or profanity, or images inciting or advocating terrorism or violence, or any images that are unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable as deemed by us.  We reserve the right to report any such images of concern to the proper authorities. Thank You!